Aaron Ogden

Aaron is a native Utahn who was raised in a family that actively embraced an outdoor lifestyle, using the four distinct seasons of Utah to become proficient at many outdoor activities. He graduated from the University of Utah in Exercise Science. Since sitting at a desk was not in his make-up, he pursued a career in health and fitness.

Aaron is a certified personal trainer, specializing  in adventure fitness retreats.

Aaron is dedicated to his own self-development using continued education, community service and physical activity that pushes his own abilities. Some of his notable adventures  are backpacking for 6 months across Alaska with just the pack on his back, 10 day non stop adventure race in Costa Rica, and whitewater kayaking on more than 100 rivers, including the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. Each of these adventures have “strip the layers” and help him to connect to who he really is.

Aaron has worked with many people and is continually amazed at how many people simply exercise for their health, but then do nothing to reward themselves for the effort put in.  For this reason, he founded  a company that prepares people with the fitness level and skills to accomplish amazing things outdoors. His passion is to help people have transformational experiences  in the great outdoors.

Aaron’s spirit animal is the Bear Cub: Work hard, play hard and learn all you can.