Adriana Chimaras

I was born in Venezuela and moved to Miami, Florida at a young age. After attending art school, I moved to Portland, Oregon where I fell in love with climbing and the outdoor industry. Shortly after my personal discovery of climbing, in 2009, I decided to dive in headfirst and live the van life (like most climbers often do). This is where I fell further in love with Utah and outdoor recreation. After my year on the road, I decided to move to SLC and pursue a career in the climbing/outdoor industry. This pursuit led me to become a climbing coach and one of the founders of the Joe’s Valley Fest. Starting the Fest, whose mission is to enhance the local economy and build community by bringing rock climbers and locals together around our shared enthusiasm for the outdoors, is one of my proudest achievements and created a new home for me. Now I call Emery County my home, work, and playground as I transitioned from SLC to Castle Dale into the role of Director of Tourism for the County.