Blake Cason

The average health educator cannot say they began their career in South Africa’s HIV/AIDS pandemic and Blake Cason is far from average.  From South Africa, to World Health Organization Ghana, to New Haven, CT, Blake’s beginning in health and wellness took her across the globe and the US.  

During her graduate work in Health Promotion and Education, Blake served the prediabetic community through the CDA’s Diabetes Prevention Program as a lifestyle coach.  She took this experience into college nutrition before branching out with her own private wellness coaching practice, Pivot Wellness.  

Blake Cason has taken her years of cross-cultural, multidimensional wellness facilitation deeper into evidence-based tools, techniques, and paradigms for helping people cultivate sustainable happiness and health.  Individuals, businesses, and everything in between, come to her for her ability to strengthen teams, families, and people toward their highest potential.  Her primary goal is empowerment and self-awareness, believing the rest can be learned and adapted along the way.

Habit, mindfulness, sustainable behavior change, and what she calls “work/play balance” are the corner stones of her approach.  Blake presents her engaging and inspired content all over the country as she demystifies the seeming complexities of wellness and personal growth into simple, tangible, and playful perspectives.