2022 Breakout Sessions & Participatory Workshops

Breakout sessions & participatory workshops


Track: Outdoor Industry & Business

Boating & Off-Highway Vehicle Need-to-Knows for Commercial Operations

9:35 - 10:35 AM

If your business gets people out on the water or behind an OHV wheel, and you want to make sure you're up to date with the laws, learn from the State experts. Make sure you know what the State needs, what to expect during an inspection, and have fun meeting the folks who are here to help you!

With speakers:
• Brian Kurta, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation
• Chase Pili, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation
• Ty Hunter, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation
• Jennifer Shakespeare,

Giving your Outdoor Company a Competitive Edge By Using IP Protection Strategies

10:50 - 11:50 AM

Innovation is key to growth, especially for companies in the outdoor industry where upgrades and improvements are vital to survival in today’s market. Once you have harnessed that innovation, the next critical step is making sure to protect your work and your brand from all angles. Intellectual property strategies can give your company a competitive edge, but it’s important to understand which one is right for your unique business and products.

Maschoff Brennan Shareholder Paul Johnson will discuss:
• Utility patents
• Trademarks
• Design patents
• Trade Secrets

Managing Your Workforce in Today's Career Market (75-minute workshop!)

1:40-2:55 PM

Employees and employers are both facing uncertainties - and new opportunities - in today's career market. Employees are creating their own career path and employers are working to create compensation packages that fit their budget, while showing employees they are valued. Join this session to learn how companies can identify and retain rockstar employees, implement coaching and mentor programs, put together compensation packages, and pay fewer employees more.

With speakers:
• Patrick Purcell, Utah Outdoor Association
• Dave Wright, Pattern
• Tina Hazlett, Spectrum Recruiting Solutions
• Stacee Pedersen, Momentum Employer Group
• Glenn Pelster, Utah Employers Council

Your Digital Landscape: Current Marketing Trends and the Considerations You Need to Make

3:15-4:15 PM

What's the latest need-to-know in marketing? These longtime marketing professionals are at the Summit to tell you just that! Learn what your business needs to be considering when it comes to brand ambassadors, influencers, paid acquisition, where to put your marketing dollars, and more.

With speakers:
• Kylie Kullack, Struck
• Jib Hunt, Kemper Snowboards
• James Roberts, Redirect Digital
• JP, TETON Sports

Track: Policies & People

Outdoor Gear with a Side of Politics

9:35-10:35 AM

Do outdoor gear and politics mix? Why do some organizations choose to get involved in political discourse, and what challenges and opportunities come with the territory? Is it good for business, bad for business, or a little bit of both? Join this breakout session to learn from all sides of the conversation!

With speakers:
• Jacey Skinner, Ballard Spahr
• Lindsey Davis, Outdoor Recreation Roundtable
• Rebecca Gillis, Outdoor Industry Association

Community Engagement & Conflict Management: How to Get Your Community Fully Involved & Informed

10:50-11:50 AM

It's a topic we all hear about a lot, but there's no easy answer: community engagement, community involvement, conflict management. If your community has dealt with conflict management issues, or has had trouble getting feedback and involvement from your community, check out this session to learn from different perspectives and success stories.

With speakers:
• Brandon Stocksdale, National Park Service, Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program
• Adriana Chimaras, The Swell Utah
• Chris Haramoto, East Canyon State Park
• Ben Nadolski, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
• Betsy Byrne, National Park Service, Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program

Outdoors Together: Inclusion and Safety in the Outdoors (75-minute workshop!)

1:40-2:55 PM

What comes to mind when you think about safety in the outdoors? For many, it's as simple as avoiding wildlife and bringing enough water. However, what about those in your community who must consider the social and infrastructural aspects of safety when planning their recreation? Join this insightful and interactive workshop and learn how to identify barriers to safety and inclusion for all members of your community, discover the opportunities to remove these barriers, and begin to understand how your community can gain the economic and social benefits of a truly safe and inclusive place for recreation!

With speakers:
• Amanda Rowland, Zion National Park
• Ashley Cleveland, Outdoor Afro
• Matt Kastellec, Salt Lake Area Queer Climbers
• Amanda King, Wasatch Adaptive Sports

Your Crash Course on Policy

3:15-4:15 PM

You are invited to learn how a bill becomes a law in Utah! Attendees will learn how to be involved in Utah's legislative process from a variety of perspectives and roles. This will primarily focus on the state legislative process, but feel free to come with your questions about how to get involved at the municipal, county, or federal level.

With speakers:
• Mike Mikhalev, Maschoff Brennan
• Representative Jeff Stenquist, Utah House of Representatives
• Lexi Tuddenham, Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah)
• Justin Lee, Utah League of Cities and Towns
• Nick Frederick, Utah House of Representatives

Track: Healthy & Active Lifestyles

How the Movement Connecting Nature & Human Health Continues Advancing in Utah

9:35-10:35 AM

We all have days when we don't feel great - physically or mentally. Nature and Human Health Group is a new innovative research group of scholars, educators, practitioners and community members, working together to raise awareness of the positive health effects the outdoors can provide to humans. Come and learn more about the work this group is advancing, and how your organization could support the work or benefit from it.

With speakers:
• Dorothy "Dart" L Schmalz, University of Utah
• Nalini M. Nadkarni, Nature and Human Health - Utah

Moving Outside: Trends in School Physical Education & Outdoor Recreation

10:50-11:50 AM

If you haven't thought about Physical Education in a long time, you need to learn about the up-and-coming trends that get kids outdoors and learning outdoor recreation skills for high school Physical Education credit. Learn how outdoor recreation became one of the Physical Education options to fulfill graduation requirements, how outdoor Physical Education classes can be implemented, and what makes those classes successful. Ask your questions to the experts from the Utah State Board of Education!

With speakers:
• Jodi Parker, Utah State Board of Education
• Teri Davis, Utah State Board of Education

Using Outdoor Initiative Games to Improve Personal Mental Health and Group Development (75-minute workshop!)

1:40-2:55 PM

Tuckman’s Stages for Group Development. Other topics and concepts include communication, problem-solving, trust, community building and self-compassion. Written protocols will be distributed to attendees. Attendance certificates will be awarded to those with credentials with continuing education requirements.
Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this session, participants will have a basic understanding of how to facilitate at least three initiative games.
Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to identify at least three methods for empowering individuals to improve their mental health.
0.125 CEUs.

With speakers:
• Joe Walker, Huntsman Mental Health Institute - University of Utah

Teaming Up for Better Health Through More Outdoor Recreation Access

3:15-4:15 PM

The benefits of being active outdoors are clear, but how does a community make sure all of its members have access to these benefits? The answer is collaboration! Through cross-organizational partnerships, communities can work together to identify and remove the barriers preventing its members from healthy living. In this panel, you will learn about creating active living strategies, the positive benefits for a community, and strategies for collaboration to improve outdoor access and health. Everyone has a role to play in community health, and here you’ll be given the tools to discover yours.

With speakers:
• Alysia Ducuara, Get Healthy Utah
• Sarah Kinnison, Park Rx Utah
• Vince Lok, Bike Utah
• Mayor Walker, Draper City

Track: Outdoor Recreation Community Development

Vertical Routes & The Future of Fixed Anchors at Outdoor Climbing Areas

9:35-10:35 AM

As outdoor rock climbing continues to grow in popularity, how will we maintain and steward vertical routes and the fixed anchors required for the future of outdoor rock climbing. Hear from climbing organizations who have hired professional anchor maintenance technicians, land agencies and policies surrounding fixed anchors on public lands, and the state of Utah's support to steward outdoor climbing areas.

With speakers:
• Patrick Morrison, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation
• Julia Geisler, Salt Lake Climbers Alliance
• Nate Furman, University of Utah
• Dave Whittekiend, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest
• Drew Broadhead, Salt Lake Climbers Alliance

Show Me the BIG Money: Braiding Funding Resources for a Multi-Million Dollar Trail Project

10:50-11:50 AM

Have an amazing idea for an outdoor recreation or nature-based project but are not sure how to get funding? Come learn about some amazing opportunities and creative solutions that could work for your community. Learn about leveraging and matching several grants to make your money go as far as possible!
Outcomes: Panelists will talk about their respective grant program/funding opportunities and describe how to braid multiple sources of funding that complement each other to help your local dollars go farther as a match.

With speakers:
• Carly Lansche, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation
• Stephanie Tomlin, UDOT
• Flint Timmins, Utah Office of Tourism
• Caroline Weiler, Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation

Strategic Planning at a Higher Level for Outdoor Recreation and Economic Development (75-minute workshop!)

1:40-2:55 PM

Utah has started its outdoor recreation strategic planning. How can you get involved, and learn how to do similar, high-level strategic planning? Attendees will learn basics of strategic planning, with time for them to workshop ideas and get brief feedback for their organization/community.

With speakers:
• Jordan Smith, Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism at Utah State University
• Jake Powell, Utah State University
• Casey Trout, Utah State University - Institute of Outdoor Recreation & Tourism
• Eunjung Yang, Utah State University Department of Environment and Society

Protect the Past and Get Your Visitors Involved!

3:15-4:15 PM

Utah is home to hundreds of thousands of archaeological sites, many of which are at risk to the impacts of visitors. How do we engage, educate, and empower visitors to visit cultural sites in a respectful manner? This forum will discuss education, stewardship, and best ways to engage recreationists and local communities to help fight archaeological vandalism and protect Utah's cultural resources.

With speakers:
• Matthew Podolinsky, State Historic Preservation Office
• Ian Wright, State Historic Preservation Office
• Elizabeth Hora, State Historic Preservation Office
• Nicole Lohman, Bureau of Land Management - Utah