Kevin John McLaws

Kevin McLaws is the father of 6 children and 1 grandchild. He was born in St George, UT and has called Southern Utah home ever since. His favorite hobby is studying and growing heirloom fruit trees and other heirloom fruits and vegetables. He and his wife, Stacy, graduated from Dixie College and then obtained BS degrees from Southern Utah State College. He is an entrepreneur at heart and owned and operated multiple businesses after his graduation. They felt they were guided to the area East of Zion National Park in 1998 when they purchased their initial plot of land. Since that time his love of the area and desire to share it with others in a careful way has motivated him to make several more purchases of land and create Zion Mountain Ranch in this special neighboring land to Zion Park.

 In the last 23 years while building the Zion Mountain Project, Kevin has developed an understanding of the uniqueness and stewardship this land assemblage represents, he has pulled together partnerships with Zion National Park, Zion National Park Forever, Kane County, and The Conservation Fund, as well as local property owners to aid in creating an appropriate and mutually beneficial use of the land. His leadership is guided by an educated vision for a National Park gateway community that includes thoughtfully planned private and public land use as well as agriculture and conservation areas. He is appreciative of the many people and organizations that have shared this vision and their abilities to help carry it forward.