James Roberts

Managing Partner

James co-founded Redirect in 2004 and has more than 30 years of business development and marketing experience. He studied economics and political science at the University of Utah. James was formerly Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Viawest, Senior Vice President at Harris & Love Advertising, Co-Founder of U235 Interactive, and Director of Corporate Development at Sundance. James is a digital marketing pioneer and agent of change. The ever-changing marketplace and the opportunities the market creates are what makes James tick.

James sees his role as two-fold: first, understanding his clients and their communication needs; and second, eagerly finding innovative opportunities for his clients to reach their audiences with social and online tactics, and digital engagement strategies that will create measurable actions.

James brings private-sector business development and marketing experience to bear on political and educational initiatives and large scale public infrastructure projects. His work with the new SLC International Airport Terminal Redevelopment Project was instrumental in finding online and offline tactics to solicit design feedback and validate input from residents and visitors of the airport. He has with numerous clients to find innovative low-cost solutions to educate the community and voters about the need for updating facilities and changing their behaviors. James has developed annual marketing plans and implement campaigns for Salt Lake County Library Services and Office of Township Services, the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater, Teleperformance, Smith’sTix, and Intermountain Healthcare. When he’s not talking on the phone or creating Rube Goldberg diagrams on a whiteboard, you’re most likely to find James on a golf course.