Lexi Tuddenham


Lexi Tuddenham is an advocate for public health and the environment, social justice, and community-based conservation. Since obtaining degrees in biology and environmental management from Harvard and Yale, Lexi has been professionally engaged in building healthy relationships between people and their environment for nearly 20 years. She has lived and worked in frontline communities in China, Nepal, and all over the US from Los Angeles to Bristol Bay, Alaska. From 2016 to 2021 she served as the Executive Director of Sheep Mountain Alliance, a mountain west conservation organization and in January 2022 she joined HEAL UT as its Executive Director. She believes strongly that social, environmental, and climate justice are inextricably linked, and that in our necessary energy transition we cannot leave behind the most vulnerable and historically marginalized communities. She previously worked in the outdoor industry as a guide and outdoor educator, and spent several years researching and writing about the barriers to outdoor participation and the strong connections between public health and access to open space.