Nailah Blades Wylie


Nailah Blades Wylie is a Life & Leadership coach who helps leaders tap into their power to build personal and professional lives that are whole, good, and full of possibility. She is the founder of Color Outside, a community for Black, Indigenous, and women of color who are ready to create unapologetic, soul-stirring lives through outdoor adventure. Through high-touch coaching that integrates the outdoors, Nailah teaches her clients how to go from feeling invisible to imitable in every area of their lives.

Nailah began her career in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, which gave her invaluable experience in marketing and strategic planning. She then went on to start and run a digital marketing agency that focused on creating impactful, inclusive content for lifestyle brands. She earned her Master’s in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University and holds a Bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Southern California.

Her work centers on the belief that when we stand in the truth of our authentic selves, we can live and lead in a way that creates real change in our world.

When she’s not coaching or speaking you can find her hiking with her husband or playing intense games of hide-n-go seek with her two tiny kids.