Travis Hancock


I grew up in Weber County in the town of Hooper.   Growing up I had 5 sisters and 1 brother and enjoyed working on a farm that had cattle, hogs and agricultural farming.   As a child our family enjoyed many outdoor activities.  We would go camping and fishing every chance we could get.  My father and I spent lots of time in the mountains hunting deer, elk and fishing the lakes and rivers in northern Utah.  We also enjoyed playing many sports.  I really enjoyed playing baseball, basketball and soccer.   I attended Fremont High school and graduated from there in 2003.  From 2003 to 2005 I served a mission for my church in New Orleans Louisiana where I gained a great love for southern hospitality and food.

I found my soulmate Janelle Anderson in 2007 and ended up marrying her in 2008.  We have five children together.   We have three boys and two girls ranging from 13 years old to 3 years old.  My kids are my life and bring more joy to me than anything I could ever imagine.

I started working in construction in 2005 building houses which gave me a skill that I have used all my life.  I Started working for Utah Division of Wildlife Resources at Ogden Bay Waterfowl Management Area in Hooper in 2007.  I helped manage the marshes and waterfowl migration area surrounding the Great Salt Lake.  I always knew I wanted to work outdoors and not be in an office so this job brought a lot of fun and excitement.  I also started going to Weber State University in 2007.  I ended up double majoring with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Geography with an emphasis on environmental studies and graduated in 2011.  In 2012 I interviewed with Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation to be in law enforcement as a Ranger.  I started full time with the Division of State Parks and Recreation in 2013.

My first assignment was in Box Elder County as a Ranger at Willard Bay State Park.  I helped patrol on boats and atv’s on surrounding areas enforcing laws and helping the public stay safe.  In 2016 I promoted to Assistant Manger and transferred to Juab County at Yuba Lake State park.  I enjoyed helping to manage the park as well as patrolling Yuba Lake and nearby areas such as Little Sahara Sand Dunes and nearby mountains.  In 2018 I transferred to Morgan County to East Canyon State Park as an assistant manager.  I have always loved being in the high mountains and East Canyon is in a beautiful canyon area with high elevation which brought a new great experience.  In 2021 our division was split into the Division of State Parks and the Division of Outdoor Recreation.  In May of 2022 I interviewed for a position with the Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation as a Sergeant for Northern Utah.  I was successful in getting that job and moved our family back to the town of Hooper where I grew up.  I love working in Weber County patrolling Pineview and Causey Reservoirs, the Weber River in Weber and Morgan Counties.  I also patrol Monte Cristo and the North slope of the Uintah mountains.  I love spending my time patrolling on snowmobiles, dirt bikes, other atv’s and boats.  I wake up ready and excited to go to work every day. 

One of the best parts of my job is helping the public stay safe.  I enjoy educating and teaching about how people can recreate in Utah’s beautiful landscapes but making sure they do it safely.  I have a passion for helping people understand that being safe must be a priority while recreating or you can easily put yourself in a life and death situation.  I hope to spend the rest of my career doing the same thing and keeping our recreation areas as safe and pristine as possible.