Abbie Jossie

Deputy State Director, Bureau of Land Management

As BLM Utah Deputy State Director for Resources, Abbie Jossie leads teams who assist district and field offices in managing Utah’s valuable resources on more than 23 million acres of public lands in Utah. Abbie has held positions with the BLM in five western states, helping to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of public lands while managing for the multiple use mandate. She has had the honor to serve in positions for the BLM in Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, and now in Utah. She has also served in details in Alaska and Washington DC. This experience included serving as the acting Assistant Director of the National Landscape Conservation Systems and Community Partnership at headquarters, in Washington, DC. Abbie has been with BLM for over 32 years.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Abbie understands the intrinsic value of recreating in Utah and how it brings families and friends together as they enjoy premier outdoor destinations. Abbie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Nevada-Reno, with post-graduate work in Soils, Animal Science, Education and Executive Development. She and her husband Don, a retired Soil Scientist, have two grown children also working or studying in land management fields. The family enjoys traveling and experiencing the great outdoors together in their spare time, including fishing, hiking, and exploring new areas.