Angie Bulletts

Forest Supervisor, Dixie National Forest

Angie Bulletts has served as the Dixie NF Forest Supervisor since 2012. The Dixie is located in southern Utah, and is approximately 2 million acres. The forest is near Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Prior to this, she was the District Manager for the Phoenix District and the Associate District Manager on the Arizona Strip District of the Bureau of Land Management. She began her federal career on the Kaibab National Forest, North Kaibab Ranger District, later increasing her knowledge of the agency as the Kaibab Forest Administrative Officer and a District Ranger on the Lincoln National Forest.

After graduating from Northern Arizona University in Anthropology, she attended Grand Canyon University to seek a second degree in Business Administration. Soon afterward, she worked in private industry for 7 years as a contract administrator for a road construction company in Phoenix prior to moving back to Northern Arizona where she later served as an Ethnographer with the University of Arizona in high profile environmental projects.

Angie is a member of the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians in Arizona and she and her husband Carlos have two daughters, Leslie Sylver and India Jade. She enjoys teaching tribal children about their heritage and attachment to traditional lands. Traditional landscapes and its spiritual connection are what brings joy to her life.