Aubrey Larsen

Community Development Specialist, Utah Community Development Office

Aubrey Larsen is a Community Development Specialist at the Utah Community Development Office (CDO) in Salt Lake City where she plays the role of GIS analyst, cartographer, designer, researcher, planner, video editor, data nerd, and story teller. After completing a B.L.A. in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning and M.S. in Bioregional Planning at Utah State University, Aubrey went on to develop the framework for the Utah CDO‚ Mapping and Technical Assistance Program and perform significant geospatial research on the relationship between natural amenities and rural population change. Aubrey has recently taken on the role of acting coordinator for the Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative and is passionate about dark sky conservation and education. In her spare time Aubrey enjoys knitting, mountain biking, reading, and Star Trek movies.