Cheston Davis

CEO, Skoped Industries

Cheston Davis is the CEO of Skoped Industries, A husband and father of 3. Skoped Industries is a family operated company based in Southern Utah and the parent company to Phone Skope, Utah Hydrographics, Pyro Putty, The Cooler Tray, Ice-O-Late, and Skoped Artifical Intelligence.

Cheston has had many passions, but two stands out above the rest. 1 – A love for outdoor activities 2 – Sales & Entrepreneurship. With active parents and spouse, Cheston spent many days hiking, hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, snowmobiles and mountain bikes in the alluring Tushar Mountains. He was always engaged in entrepreneur activities. From selling mechanical pencils in 2nd grade to launching multiple unsuccessful businesses in high school, he was never afraid to try and more importantly fail. In-fact it was those failed attempts he deems as critical moments to his success. While attending college at Southern Utah University and working as an outside sales rep, Cheston and father Tracy Davis invented Phone Skope. Phone Skope has flourished as a father-son company to worldwide distribution and recognized as a Rural County Business of the year for 2018.

Cheston loves to see others succeed! Hence, the addition of companies – Utah Hydrographics, Pyro Putty, The Cooler Tray, Ice-O-Late, and Skoped AI. Each company has a great story and individual that has similar characteristics behind it. He takes pride in keeping engineering, injection, and manufacturing in Southern Utah. He works closely with Non-Profit organizations to ensure our great outdoors will be protected and plentiful for generations to come.