Constance Beverley

CEO, National Winter Sports Education Foundation

Constance Beverley is the CEO of the National Winter Sports Education Foundation (NWSEF). Since 2012, NWSEF has provided financial resources and program support to Youth Learn to Ski (Alpine and Nordic) and Snowboard programs across the country. This year, approximately 30,000 youth will learn to ski or snowboard through NWSEF’s grantee programs. Constance joined the NWSEF Board of Directors in 2016 and became CEO of the foundation in 2017. Earlier in her career, Constance spent 6+ years as a Wall Street lawyer representing several large financial firms. In 2013, Constance left Wall Street and began her career in winter sports-related non–profits. Constance has worked with such organizations as the Kelly Clark Foundation, SheJumps, STOKED, Boarding for Breast Cancer, and CHILL. Constance graduated from Saint Louis University in 2004 and received her law degree from Hofstra School of Law in 2007. To learn more about NWSEF, please visit