LaJean Lawson

Principal/Owner, Creative Fitness

Solutions “When it comes to the science of sports bras, LaJean Lawson easily qualifies as THE global expert. But digging deeply into why and how breasts move, and investigating how to design great sports bras that really work isn’t just an end in itself. Her achievements in this intriguing research area also support her passion to help all women get the gear they need to stop worrying about breasts and bounce, and simply enjoy the fabulous benefits of an active lifestyle, indoors and outdoors.

As a lifelong athlete with a passion for sharing the joy of sports, fitness and the outdoors, she provides an engaging, inspiring role model and wealth of practical advice for girls and women of all ages and body sizes. Her newest passion is sharing her industrial and apparel design experience with a new generation of talented student designers with her service on Utah State University’s Outdoor Product Design & Development industry advisory board.

LaJean excels in making the science of sports gear fun, personal, and easy-to-understand, and her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. As a spokesperson for Champion and Playtex brands of Hanesbrands, Inc., LaJean has been featured in successful national media tours and satellite media tours involving numerous television, radio, newspaper interviews, and personal appearances. She has connected regularly with active women and their sports bra challenges via social media, including her role as Champion’s resident blogger/expert on Facebook.

LaJean’s long standing research credentials include more than 30 years of ongoing scientific sports bra investigations for Champion Athleticwear and founder/director of Champion’s state-of-the-art Bra Lab. The Champion Bra Lab is the only full-time biomechanics and consumer testing lab in the industry devoted 100% to sports bra science and consumer insight research, with the focused goal of building better sports bras.

LaJean is further distinguished as the only person on the planet with two graduate degrees in sports bra science. Her 1985 thesis for her M.S. degree in Clothing and Textiles from Utah State University, a seminal study in sports bra science, investigated the biomechanical support of a variety of sports bras, while her dissertation for her Ph.D. in Exercise & Sport Science from Oregon State University took the first serious scientific look at the effect on performance of protective sports bras for contact sports. Her sports bra and wearable medical products have been awarded multiple patents.

LaJean has numerous refereed/reviewed publications in scientific journals and research presentations at scientific and academic conferences. She is a highly sought-after resource and authority on sports bras and breast motion during exercise for a wide range of national print and online consumer publications including: Outside magazine, Outside XX Factor, ESPN’s 30 for 30, ESPN—the Magazine, Runner’s World, Women’s Health, Fitness, Health, NPR, Shape, People Magazine,, Prevention, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, Parenting, and many more.

In the past 5 years, LaJean has taken her understanding of how the body interacts with wearable objects to a new and strongly emerging product sector: wearable electronic medical devices. Her first industrial design project, a wearable ‘dry sensor’ (no adhesives) clinical grade ECG monitor was recently approved by the FDA. In addition to a consumer version of this product, LaJean designed and hand-built six ‘space capsule robust’ models for male and female NASA astronauts. She is a founding partner and industrial designer/developer in Orthini LLC, a company offering remote monitoring of total joint replacement patients to build and implement best post-surgery protocols.

Born and raised on the West coast where she bagged her first 14er at age 7, LaJean presently resides, hikes and rides a mean bicycle in the outdoor and sports apparel mecca of Portland, Oregon.