Mike Thomas

Assistant OHV Program Coordinator, Utah Division of Parks and Recreation

Mike Thomas has been with the Off-highway Vehicle Program for 3 years and is a recent graduate from the University of Utah in Parks Recreation and Tourism (PRT). Thomas began his career as Volunteer Specialist coordinating projects statewide and still continues this work through variety of partnerships including federal land managing agencies and over 40 OHV non-profit organizations. He has coordinated over 50 volunteer service projects across the state and also provides training to volunteers to educate the public through the OHV Trail Host Program. Thomas is also the Park Manager at Jordan River Off-highway Vehicle State Park which offers six motocross tracks. He believes that in order to design a successful and sustainable motorized trail system you must anticipate the flow of water, include stakeholders and remember the four E’s which are Engineering, Education, Environment and Enforcement. His duty and dedication to serving Utah’s recreation community is strongly influenced by his wife Jessma, his daughter Casey and his little son Castle.