Phil Rawlings

Founder, Salt Lake Off-Road Expo

Phil’s first love of dirt came from riding his bicycle with grafted on BMX parts in the fields near his house in Idaho. His first motorized toy at the age of 14 was a Kawasaki KE100 he kept at his friend’s house so his parents wouldn’t find out. His second vehicle was a ’74 Jeep J10 truck. Phil loves vehicles which is what drove him to become a Mechanical Engineer putting himself through school as a mechanic.

Phil loves Off-Roading and the Off-Road community, they are outdoorsmen, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, gearheads and nature lovers. He has been involved with and designed parts for a number of companies over the years that have gone to shows like SEMA and the Pomona Off-Road Expo. It always bothered him that they had to go somewhere else to have an Off-Road Expo. One night talking with friends he asked why don’t we put on an Expo ourselves? Utah is the mecca for Off-Roading after all. They thought it was a good idea but dismissed it as “campfire talk”.

The idea of putting on an Off-Road Expo wouldn’t leave him alone. After thinking about how to do an Expo and the elements that would go into it he became more convinced that he didn’t want a big event company coming into Salt Lake and leaving without making it a better place. He wanted to be able to help the Off-Road community and came up with 3 pillars for the Expo; Promote the Off-Road businesses in Utah, Promote Utah, Promote Land Use Stewardship in part by uniting the Off-Road Community.