Tammie Bostick

Executive Director, Utah Clean Cities

Tammie Bostick leads Utah Clean Cities (UCC) as executive director with a passion for clean fuels, clean air and clean strategies. She is the current Vice President of a federally-focused Clean Cities advocacy board, Transportation Energy Partners, TEP. Tammie is also the current Northwest Clean Cities Regional Council member 2019-2021 serving state coalitions in Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

Tammie presents locally and nationally on the future of transportation and climate communication focusing on actionable steps for fleets that include advanced fuels, vehicles and visionary thinking.

Tammie is a Utah native and a graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in organizational communications. Her life experiences have helped deepen her commitment to preserving the delicate balance of Utah’s beautiful landscape and abundant resources with advanced, state-side clean energy and fuels that are economically and ecologically sound, ideally renewable, and ultimately sustainable.

She lives and works in Salt Lake City near her family and enjoys the splendor of Utah’s natural space, and disappears to her off-grid mountain cabin as often as she can.

Tammie joined Utah Clean Cities in 2015 and considers it a dream job of collaborative work– thinking globally and acting locally in a world where everyone is an ally.