Tom Howells

Associate Director for Industry Accounts, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Thomas F. Howells is Associate Director for Industry Accounts at the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). In this capacity, Mr. Howells oversees preparation of BEA’s industry economic accounts, including supply-use tables, GDP by industry statistics, and other industry products. These accounts provide a comprehensive picture of the performance of industries within the U.S. economy, and how these industries interact and contribute to economic growth. In addition to overseeing work on these core industry statistics, Mr. Howells has led several other cross cutting efforts that include development of BEA’s new outdoor recreation satellite account, the integrated BEA/BLS industry-level production account, and international collaboration to develop trade in value added statistics for both the North America and APEC regions. Mr. Howells has received various awards for his contributions to BEA’s industry economic accounts, including two U.S. Department of Commerce Silver Medals and BEA’s George Jaszi Award for Leadership. Mr. Howells has an MA in Economics from George Mason University and a BA in Economics from Brigham Young University.