Jib Hunt

Kemper Snowboards fuses the best materials and tech with neon colors and funky designs. Back in the early 1990s, Kemper did more than simply introduce a new sport, we created a counterculture that was energetic, youthful, unapologetic, and a complete deviation from the mundane. You’re welcome! 

Back in the game after a 25-year hiatus, the new Kemper team is breathing life into snowboarding. Again. Because let’s get real – the snowboard industry needs a pick me up now more than ever before. And Kemper Snowboards is the brand to do it. 

Kemper is the iconic brand that paved the way for freestyle snowboarding with its progressive shapes, funky neon graphics, and a pro team that pushed the limits with their innovative “tweaked-out” tricks. And now, we’re doing it all over again. We’ve gone back to our roots to bring snowboarding out of the dark ages, and into full color.

Today’s Kemper snowboards dawn 80’s retro design, are constructed with modern-day technology and materials and are ridden by some of the most progressive professional snowboarders alive – making our boards radical to look at, and radical to ride. 

At Kemper, it’s our mission to help every rider enjoy the stoke of snowboarding. We make damn good boards, but we keep prices affordable by selling directly to our customers and fans and to core snowboard shops across the globe. 

We’re thrilled to push the boundaries of snowboarding with Kemper and we’re proud to offer our boards to riders old and new. Here’s to sharing the nostalgia and fun of snowboarding with you!