Paige Pagnucco

Paige joined the Utah Avalanche Center in 2004, first as a volunteer then as an Avalanche Education and Outreach Coordinator in the Logan area. She is now the Awareness Program Manager as well as a part-time Avalanche Forecaster. She grew up skiing and ski racing in New England and worked as a professional ski patroller at Park City Mountain Resort. There, she was an avalanche route leader, avalanche educator and participated in the resort’s avalanche rescue dog program as a handler. Her duties for the UAC include managing all avalanche awareness events, programs, and activities across the state, developing new programs to meet growing demand, teaching avalanche education classes, organizing annual fundraising support including marketing, corporate support, and event planning, and creating and maintaining strong relationships with local and avalanche industry businesses and organizations. She performs her field work on both snowmobiles and skis. Paige received her MBA from Utah State University in 2005. She has three kids who also love playing in the snow.