Jason Curry


Jason Curry is the Director of the Division of Outdoor Recreation. In this role, he leads the administration of all outdoor recreation grant programs in the state. The division has a contingent of sworn law enforcement State Rangers and is also responsible for the management of the state’s OHV and Boating programs. The Division is also responsible for supporting the outdoor industry businesses and partners to ensure a healthy outdoor recreation economy. Jason graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Economics. He has worked in Natural Resources for 24 years, including leadership roles in land management, law enforcement, wildfire, and public relations. He previously served as Vice Commander and Training Officer for the Davis County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team, and worked many years on Incident Management Teams throughout the US. Prior to his position at DOR, he served as the Deputy Director of the Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands. Jason is a lifelong outdoor recreation zealot and is an experienced mountain biker, snowmobiler, OHV rider, backcountry & alpine skier, climber, sailor, and backpacker.