Trigena H. Halley


Trigena H. Halley, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Board-Certified Coach (BCC), is the founder and owner of Peak Performance CCT, a national firm, established in 2008, that helps individuals and teams grow and strengthen their leadership and performance capacity through distinctive coaching, consulting, and training methodologies targeted at enhancing talent, pushing through obstacles, and embracing opportunity.

Highly credentialed in the leadership arena, Trigena draws on her many years in corporate senior leadership roles held at a global level, extensive and disciplined education, and experience coaching and consulting with senior-level leaders to custom design programs and approaches for each client, each team, and each new issue and goal. 

Trigena helps clients build their own leadership capacity by enhancing their ability to learn new skills, develop proficiencies, cultivate expertise, and experience remarkable growth, while realizing their potential to lead with impact and excellence. Her competencies include Executive & High Potential Leadership Coaching, Comprehensive Leadership Development Programs, Behavior, Leadership & Personality Assessments, 360 Assessments, and ICF Accredited Coach Training. Her areas of expertise include Emotional Intelligence, Change & Transition, Leadership & Influence, and Resilience.

Trigena has helped thousands of people and hundreds of teams accelerate performance. She works with newly promoted leaders who are struggling in their new roles; high-potential professionals looking to prepare for the next level of senior leadership; and executives looking to hasten their effectiveness. 

Adept at large scale efforts, Trigena designs, develops, and leads comprehensive leadership development programs that target client pain points and desired outcomes.  Building entire custom-designed programs, she assembles teams of contractors and manages all aspects of the program, including facilitation, quality control, and program evaluation.

Her approach does not stop at helping leaders develop skills and competencies; constrained by their mindset, many professionals find their talents and opportunities wasted. Trigena helps people see what is remarkable about themselves and break free of mindset barriers, clearing paths for increased performance and leadership capacity.  Trigena begins every coaching and consulting partnership with a leadership assessment, believing that, “If we don’t get our mindset right, nothing else will work.”  

Trigena is qualified to deliver several personality and behavioral assessments, including 360 assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Emotional Intelligence, and the Discovery Leadership suite of assessments.  She has an MA in communication consultancy and a BS in marketing from Oklahoma State University.  Trigena is the author of The Peak Performance Coaching Academy, accredited curriculum with the ICF and used by professionals working toward their ICF credential.

Trigena and her husband live against the backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains in Sandy, Utah. They have four children: two biological and two through guardianship after they left their polygamist community. She and her family spend four seasons a year playing in the great outdoors skiing, hiking, mountain biking, running, rafting, canyoneering, and exploring life together.