Rebecca Chavez-Houck

Rebecca Chavez-Houck holds a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication and a Master of Public Administration (MPA), both from the University of Utah. She represented Salt Lake City’s District 24 in the Utah House of Representatives from 2008-18, focusing primarily on public policy related to health and human services as well as voter engagement and access. Rebecca also served as one of the founding members of the legislative Clean Air Caucus and served as a co-chair during her caucus tenure.

She now provides leadership coaching and community engagement consulting through her public affairs firm, Aspira Public Affairs, LLC.

Rebecca served as a public affairs staffer for a number of local Utah nonprofits from 1985 to 2007 and cultivated a parallel “career” as a volunteer for myriad local and national nonprofits. She serves on ORAC as a national board member for HECHO, Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting, and the Outdoors and teaches nonprofit administration courses as adjunct faculty in the University of Utah Master of Public Administration program.

In their free time, Rebecca and her husband, Martin, love traveling in their Winnebago View with their canine copilot, Kihei. Exploring the Olympics, Cascades, High Sierras, Canadian Rockies, Utah’s Redrock, and more, their kids call the RV Mom and Dad’s “time machine.” You can follow their adventures in Rebecca blog, . They’ll be spending much more time jaunting up to the Pacific Northwest, fully embracing their new role as grandparents to a new baby girl who calls Seattle home.