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2021 Breakout Sessions | LOGAN

The Summit is taking place in the Taggart Student Center (TSC), the Eccles Conference Center (ECC), and on the Quad. Click here to see a map with these locations highlighted.

2:00-3:00 PM

Track Session Title Description Speaker Company Room
Policies & People





The Economic Importance of Outdoor Recreation in Utah: Bigger Than You Think You’ve probably seen the articles: Utah’s unparalleled access to recreation and natural spaces is a critical part not only of our quality of life, but of our economy as well. But you may not realize just how big of an economic role the outdoors plays, especially when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees like those in the tech-sector. Join this session to dive in! Pitt Grewe (moderator) Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation ECC 205/207
Representative Doug Owens Utah House of Representatives / Utah Outdoor Partners
Dianne Meppen Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute
Jordan Smith Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism at Utah State University
John Harrison Lucid Software

Trails, Towns & Tourism



How Bike Tourism Can Contribute to Thriving Rural Towns   Flint Timmins (moderator) Utah Office of Tourism  
Have you ever wondered about the economic benefits that come from being a tourist destination for cyclists and bike touring companies? Join this session to learn how you can get more bike touring companies and bike tourists to stop, stay, and spend money in your community! Kai Tohinaka Parametrix / Move Utah Consultant ECC 307/309
Keili Bell Bike Utah
Tim Sullivan Township + Range
Outdoor Industry & Business Forecasting Outdoor Recreation Business Trends What were the impacts on the outdoor industry from COVID, and where does this leave the outdoor economy moving forward? Is the outdoor industry in a bubble right now, or are these trends sustainable? Come get the latest information and stay ahead of the curve with outdoor industry trends whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or industry professional. Scott Bahr Cairn Consulting Group ECC 303/305
Healthy & Active Lifestyles





Healthy, Active, Inclusive Communities & Parks   Kim Frost (moderator) UCAIR – Utah Clean Air Partnership ECC 201/203
Learn how you can help your community’s health through smart planning and collaborations with local government, public health, transportation officials, and community input. Prioritize health and equity for your community with access to outdoor spaces for gathering and being active! Sarah Kinnison Park Rx Utah
Chris Haramoto Utah Division of Parks and Recreation
Chelsy Schneringer Bear River Health Department



Jasmine Walton NeighborWorks Salt Lake

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