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2021 Breakout Sessions | LOGAN

The Summit is taking place in the Taggart Student Center (TSC), the Eccles Conference Center (ECC), and on the Quad. Click here to see a map with these locations highlighted.

10:00-11:00 AM

Track Session Title Description Speaker Company Room
Outdoor Industry & Business Making Your Mark and Protecting Your Brand Your brand is your most valuable and important business asset—and at most risk for theft. For companies and organizations in the outdoor industry, your brand includes your business name, your product or service names and your logo – all of which are protected under trademark law. However, trademark law is quite complicated and can be very confusing – so, it’s important to get the right help at the right time. Protecting your brand is a ‘non-negotiable’ for all businesses, whether you’re just starting or an established, growing company.

Maschoff Brennan Shareholder Paul Johnson will discuss:


•What is a trademark and why it matters to your outdoor and recreation focused business


•How to choose a strong trademark you can protect over time, both online and offline


•The pros and cons of creating a “family” of trademarks


•How important is it to police and enforce your trademarks


•Effective registration and branding strategies


•Tips for mitigating branding risks in the era of social media and eCommerce


•Upcoming changes to US law that could make it easier for your competition to seek cancellation of your trademarks

Paul Johnson Maschoff Brennan ECC 307/309
Policies & People




Mentor and Sponsor Your Employees Today to Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders How do we support new leaders in the outdoor industry? Learn expert mentoring tips and strategies on inclusion and belonging. Open opportunities and build tomorrow’s leaders with an effective mentoring program. Make a positive impact in your work and organization. Elisa Garn (moderator) Utah Society for Human Resource Management ECC 303/305
Rebecca Chavez-Houck

Ben Gross

Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting, and the Outdoors (HECHO) National Board
Ben Gross Backcountry
Gary Bowen Cotopaxi
Policies & People




Strained Search & Rescue What happens when search and rescue is completely strained? How can we support communities and the people involved in planning or rescues? Listen to the stories, work and experiences of people involved in planning, searches, and rescues. Sus Edmundson – (moderator) Bivy ECC 205/207
Paige Pagnucco Utah Avalanche Center
Alan Bergstrom Salt Lake County Sheriff Search and Rescue
Trails, Towns & Tourism  Outdoor Recreation Communities & the GNAR Initiative Communities throughout the west continue to face challenges that threaten many of the aspects of what makes them special. These challenges are especially evident in rural gateway communities that face explosive growth, shifting demographics, and a growing divide in affordability and equality. Communities are often facing these challenges with limited resources and staff. The Gateway and Natural Amenity Region (GNAR) Initiative at Utah State University is working to bring GNAR communities together from around the west, link them with resources, and open up conversations about the realities of gateway community planning and management. In this session, the GNAR Initiative core team will discuss: 1) How the GNAR Initiative began, 2) How it serves as a connection point for communities to share resources between each other, and 3) Current research projects we have underway that could help GNAR communities tackle some of their biggest issues. Learn about case studies and GNAR toolkits available for municipal leaders, DMOs, local business leaders, and more! Jordan Smith Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism at Utah State University ECC 201/203
Jake Powell Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism at Utah State University

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