Scott Bahr

Scott Bahr has over 25 years of market research and analytical experience in marketing, product development, and strategic planning.

Bahr has an extensive background in analysis, research, and planning, with a focus on providing meaningful analysis of results across a variety of industries and has been providing strategic direction to the outdoor hospitality sector for the past 15 years, and in particular, has been the research partner with KOA for the North American Camping Report over the past six years.

Additionally, he has worked with organizations in the RV (manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, associations) and outdoor recreation sectors in their marketing and branding efforts, strategic planning, customer experience, corporate social responsibility, services/amenities, and employee development.

Bahr has a well-established track record of gathering the information that can be used in strategic and business planning, focused on providing and analyzing the key information in product performance, customer insight into the decision-making process, as well as program, product, and service evaluation.